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Khamis, 24 Mac 2011

[News] Kim Heechul chosen as SJ's leader for a day. ''Will lead like the full power Korean pepper'' dictatorship

Kim Heechul [28] tweeted in the afternoon on the 4th, “Through rock scissors paper, I became the leader of today. I will have full power and lead like a Korean pepper. I will uphold my promise and let everyone follow my hand gestures.” grabbing much attention. 

Super Junior member Shindong said on Twitter “If Heechul leader says to laugh, then we have to laugh (obeying), what Heechul leader says is the law…Is this a good thing?” and a photograph was posted with it. 

In Shindong’s released photograph, Yesung [27], Leeteuk [28] and Shindong [26] all followed what the leader for the day Heechul said, and were stiffly maintaining smiles, (and) let out unnatural smiles. Especially through Twitter, you could see Shindong’s unusually unnatural smile. 

In regards to this, Heechul wrote “How long did you think you could stay in Leeteuk’s arms. The leader for the day ended. Ah~ It’s really hateful…(I) may be sued by the members for violence” Along with the words, an expression that seemed hurt was published, announcing the end of the one-day leadership. 

After seeing the photos, netizens said “Must follow Kim’s law” “Are you playing with positions? Super Junior is really cute” “Hahaha it’s really meaningful to be together” etc. 

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