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Khamis, 14 April 2011

[News] Park Jung Min, A New Song As A Gift For Fans

Park Jung Min will be giving his fans new music during his birthday.
I am not alone, thru his solo activities performances, Park Jung Min received a lot of support and love from fans. Thus he will be thanking his fans for their endless support by releasing a new song.
Other than the new song, the album also includes a 40 pages pictorial book with Jung Min in different charismatic ways which is totally worthwhile.
Park Jung Min pictorial book, new song and mini album will be officially on sale on 7th Apr at all major store in Korea.
*New album will be release on 1st Apr.

* Officially on sale: 7th Apr (pre-order from 29 Mar onwards)
(inclusive of 1 CD and 40 pages of pictorial)

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