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Jumaat, 29 April 2011

“You’re My Pet” actors send consolations to victims of earthquake – Movie filming may be delayed

Credits: Teng Xun Entertainment 腾讯娱乐
According to Japanese news Yomiuri Shimbun, the Korean movie version of “You’re my Pet” was initially scheduled to start filming in May. Its main actors (Jang Keun Suk, Kim Ha-neul, FT Island leader Choi Jong Hoon) and director Kim Byung Gon expressed their consolations and encouragement through their movie company to the people of Ibaraki prefecture, one of the earthquake-hit areas in eastern Japan.
The filming of the movie “You’re my Pet”, the Korean version adapted from the best-selling Japanese manga, had gained much support from state officials and enterprises in Ibaraki, an area known for its agriculture, and a big-scale press conference was held at Ibaraki airport on 3 March to announce the start of filming in Ibaraki in May. In the face of the unexpected natural disaster, besides conveying consolations from the actors and director, the movie company expressed that although the filming is currently scheduled to proceed as originally planned, there remains a possibility of change.
Below are the consolation messages from the actors.
Jang Keun Suk: Expressing my consolations to the victims of the earthquake. The earlier the re-building starts, the better. Praying that re-building in the disaster-hit areas will start as soon as possible. Please show your courage and vitality. Cheers, Japan!
Kim Ha-neul: Conveying my sadness and consolation as an ordinary person and not as an actor. My feelings sank when I saw reports on the disaster-hit areas. Praying that the aftermath of the disaster will not get more serious than it now is.
Choi Jong Hoon: Just went to Ibaraki recently to attend the movie’s press conference. Was very shocked and sad when I heard about the earthquake. Hope that the disaster-hit areas will become better soon. Hope to see the smiles back on the faces of the Japanese people. Cheers!
A point worth mentioning is the rocky development of the filming of “You’re my Pet”. First, Kim Hyung Joon quit the role of the male lead, which was then accepted by Jang Keun Suk. Towards the end of last year, JKS had already started dieting and dance lessons in preparation for his role as a ballet dancer, but the movie filming was delayed once again because the female lead could not be confirmed. Early this year, actress Kim Ha-neul was confirmed as the female lead, but not long after the Ibaraki press conference, the earthquake hit. The media reported that the Fukushima radiation leakage situation is still unstable and the movie company may face criticism if it changes the filming location. In such a dilemma, the possibility of the filming being delayed is quite high.
根据日本同名畅销漫画改编的韩版《宠物情人》的拍摄得到了以农业闻名的茨城当地政府和多家企业的鼎力支持,3月3日在茨城机场举行了声势浩大的制作 发布会,并宣布5月起在茨城拍摄外景。对于突如其来的天灾,电影公司向县民们转达了主创们的慰问之情,并表示“外景拍摄的日程有变更的可能性,但暂时还是 按照原计划进行”。
值得一提的是,《宠物情人》的拍摄可以说是一波几折。先是金贤重辞去男主角,由张根硕接拍。张根硕去年底为扮芭蕾舞王子一角早在去年底就开始瘦身和 接受舞蹈课程,苦于女主角的人选迟迟未能确定,影片开拍再度搁浅。今年初,终于请来实力派女星金荷娜加盟,但在茨城召开发表会后不久,当地即遭遇大地震。 有媒体指鉴于目前福岛核电站的核泄漏局势依旧不稳定,而电影公司如果更改外景拍摄地的话,“恐怕会遭到不少的非议”,两难之下“推迟电影开拍的时间可能性 相当大”。

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